The Power of Internal Networking: Why Connecting With Your Colleagues is Essential.

The Power of Internal Networking: Why Connecting With Your Colleagues is Essential.

When we think of professional networking, typically we think of meeting people who work outside of our own workplace. But have you ever tried to network with people within your own workplace? If you work for a company where there are more than 100 employees, there's a good chance you don’t know everyone by name. This untapped network can benefit you in a multitude of ways, and shouldn’t be discounted just because you all work in the same place. And as company culture becomes one of the biggest deciding factors in employee longevity, networking within your company allows you to do your part to make a positive impact on your environment.

Here are the top three reasons why you should network within your organization:

1. Increased access to internal job opportunities

If you are wanting to grow within your company, networking with people in different roles and departments can allow you to access new opportunities and learn new skills. Gaining exclusive access to job opportunities before they become public knowledge is simple after you build interdepartmental relationships.

2. More collaboration between departments

The relationships that you build with your colleagues can lead to a collaborative team environment. Stronger working relationships can improve creativity, allow for cross-departmental creativity and increase organizational efficiency. Networking with others in your company can increase productivity, a true win-win situation.

3. You’re always building your network

Attending conferences and meetings can take a lot of effort, and it is probably time that you would prefer to spend time with friends or family. When you are networking within your own company, building new professional connections can be as simple as spending your lunch break with someone who works in a different department than yours. Gone are the days of scheduling your networking time into an already packed schedule, internal networking makes efficient use of your workday.

The biggest thing you have in common with your coworkers is pretty obvious- you work in the same place! You’ll likely be able to find other related aspects of things to talk about, creating an instant an easy connection. Breaking the ice will be easier than it would be with a complete stranger.