Improving the Employee Experience with Technology: The Futur to Employee Productivity

Improving the Employee Experience with Technology: The Futur to Employee Productivity

Why improve the work experience for each of your employees in your company?  Obstacles such as the pressures of the corporate ladder, restricts productivity amongst employees. Research conducted by Jacob Morgan at Harvard Business Review noted that companies with the most investment in improving their employee’s experience were four times more profitable, due to an increase in employee productivity.

Employee turnover rate has increased well over 15%, causing many problems for HR managers. What is the sole cause of employees leaving their place of work? One word: Stress.  A survey conducted by Deloitte Human Capital Trends in the U.S. found that 40% surveyed claimed that it was impossible to balance family life with a successful professional career. Employees are simply overwhelmed with their working conditions that they would prefer to leave and find something else.

The key to benefiting your employee’s experience retaining them is to create an environment that is comfortable, free of obstacles, and engaging. Comfort starts with building an open and accepting business culture. This includes providing opportunities for your employees to voice their opinions and point of view. In an age where technology is everywhere, HR departments have now turned to company software programs as tools to solve problems and maintain a good employee experience.

Software not only get employees engaged, but allows them to feel secure to freely share ideas without obstacles. Most importantly it encourages the construction of a cohesive business culture. It is important for these applications to focus on how an organization can bring in more of a creative, collaborative, and empowering culture for employees. This can be achieved by focusing more on the mapping of each employee’s individual journey by engaging employees in some manner during their workday. The data collected in these instances provides HR managers with the ability to find solutions for improvement and productivity with indicators such as mood, frustration, and stress.

If you want to gain a higher ROI, lower employee turnover, and further engage employees, it is important to establish your company with an environment where your employees look forward to going to work, where they can thrive. Even better, let technology do the work for you.